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CNN Top Stories:
The FBI"s search of Mar-a-Lago is shining a light on the system of who has access to Top Secret info
8/15/2022 11:31 PM
The central question surrounding the FBI"s search of Mar-a-Lago last week is the one that remains most unanswered: What documents did former President Donald Trump have and why is the government so intent on getting them back...Read More
Opinion: Trump is worried after FBI search -- and he should be
8/15/2022 5:01 PM
A week of stunning developments for the possible criminal liability of former President Donald Trump and his circle was capped off with this weekend"s news that a Trump lawyer had signed a statement this summer saying that all material marked as classified in the former President"s possession had been returned. Together with earlier revelations, th...Read More
Cohen predicts Trump"s next move after Mar-a-Lago search
8/15/2022 10:51 PM
Micheal Cohen, Donald Trump"s former personal attorney, tells CNN"s Don Lemon what he predicts the former president"s next move will be following the FBI search at Mar-a-Lago...Read More
DOJ opposes making public details in Mar-a-Lago search warrant"s probable cause affidavit
8/15/2022 6:30 PM
The Justice Department is opposing the release of details in an affidavit that lays out the argument that investigators made to a federal magistrate judge explaining the probable cause it had to search former President Donald Trump"s Mar-a-Lago estate last week...Read More
"Pretty much BS": Leon Panetta rebuts Trump"s claim about documents
8/15/2022 10:13 PM
Leon Panetta, who served as Secretary of Defense and CIA director in the Obama administration, refutes a claim by former President Donald Trump"s allies that a president can declassify whatever documents they choose...Read More
Analysis: Republicans pressure Garland as intrigue deepens over search of Trump home
8/15/2022 6:11 AM
The FBI"s stunning search of ex-President Donald Trump"s home triggered a legal and political earthquake whose aftershocks are only widening a week on, with key questions that will shape the nation"s future still clouded in mystery...Read More
Opinion: Once a proud law and order party, the GOP is taking aim at the FBI
8/15/2022 7:19 PM
Former President Donald Trump"s GOP allies in Congress were only too eager to defend their leader after learning last week that the FBI had carried out a court-authorized search of his Mar-a-Lago property in Florida...Read More
Hints of a hurricane are showing up in long-range forecast models, but experts call it a "fantasy storm"
8/15/2022 1:26 PM
• Study: "Extreme heat belt" will impact over 100 million Americans in next 30 years •"We thought we were safe": Kentucky disaster shows how US is ill-prepared and under-insured for devastating flood...Read More
Tesla"s "full self-driving" feature may have finally met its match
8/15/2022 2:24 PM
• WeWork"s former CEO has a new startup, reportedly valued at more than $1 billion • Analysis: The cycling boom goes bus...Read More
Analysis: Cheney"s fate in Wyoming is a final test of Trump"s hold over the GOP
8/15/2022 11:19 PM
Rep. Liz Cheney"s uphill battle to keep her seat in Wyoming"s GOP primary on Tuesday underscores how Donald Trump"s hold on the Republican Party is tightening even as the former President"s legal challenges are mounting. That dynamic poses stark choices for the thin band of Republican elected officials and voters resistant to his dominance within t...Read More

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