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BAI Inspection Services LLC. Since 2001

Commercial Building Inspectors / Environmental Consultants

*Building Surveys. For  Asbestos, Lead, Mold, PCB's  Radon
*Commercial Property Condition Inspections
* Phase I, II  Environmental Site
 * Residential  Property Condition
BAI Services
* Wetlands  Surveys 
*Site Development Services  
*  Abatement  Management Services 

BAI Services

Dispatch ready, we provide all of these in-house services   

Owning, selling or buying and development of commercial properties, apartments, condominium buildings, shopping centers malls, high-rise office buildings, medical facilities, warehouse facilities or industrial complexes including open land is probably the biggest investment in time and cost you'll ever make as an individual or a firm. 

Often, this is a decision that will affect you for years to come. There's always considerable risk involved when making such a large purchase decision, however a professional inspection will significantly reduce your risk and generally make the entire development assessment or buying process easier and less stressful. 

Our Vision - With over 32 years of combined experience our goal is to be the most respected and sought after inspection specialty environmental consulting firm because our reputation for integrity, service, partnerships and value to our customers. 

Commercial Building Inspections - Commercial building inspections, (PCA) property condition assessments, transaction screen assessments (TSA), and all appropriate inquiry (AAI).

Residential Assessments - Residential property condition, structural pest and hazardous materials assessments.

Environmental Assessments - Phase I and II environmental site assessments, site investigation & site characterization, Remediation plans, UST Management.

Industrial Hygiene Services - IAQ assessments via air sampling and monitoring for mold and other bacteriological contamination.  Risk and loss surveys and remediation for commercial and residential settings.  Custom training programs tailored to our customer's specific needs.  Hazardous materials building inspection i.e. AHERA/ASHARA.  Risk management plans, LBP (lead-based paint) assessments, compliance audits and site-specific health and safety plans.

Construction Management - Testing, demolition and removal and decommissioning, decontamination of PCB-containing materials and hazardous chemical systems.  Design and cost analysis for program development, project permitting, constructability review, project management and closeout, including but not limited to all renovation & restorations or remodels of commercial, residential and industrial buildings.    

Earth Sciences and Photogrammetric Consulting - Wetland delineation and mitigation, ecological restoration planning, environmental permit research and acquisition support, environmental sampling and testing, surveys and assessments, adverse possession counseling and analysis support. 

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When should you get an inspection?

  • Before closing on any commercial facilities purchase or investment property purchase.
  • When thinking of selling your buildings or site, so you'll know what issues will impact the value of your transaction. 
  • For an overall inventory of your facilities condition.
  • Renovation or restoration activities for hazardous materials and abatement.
  • Health and/or occupant issues arise.


We strongly encourage all of our clients to accompany us during the assessment. You should feel free to ask the inspector any questions you may have during the inspection process. The inspector will point out problems and explain them to you. The inspector will also show you the good points of the facility as well. In addition, we will explain what routine maintenance may be needed to keep the building in top condition.

To view additional inspection information or photos on our site assessments at our other site:

This will help you to get the most benefit from the inspection and gain the most understanding of the systems that make up your facility or complex, and how to maintain them.

With every inspection, you'll get a comprehensive report that is easy to understand. Findings are identified during the inspection and will be included in the report. 

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